How To Clean VR Lenses Without Microfiber Cloth?

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Knowing how to clean VR headsets and lenses will extend the life of your VR gear and make your virtual reality activities more sanitary. Although not having the right tools, like a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses, may seem problematic, rest assured that there are other methods of cleaning VR lenses. That said, what alternatives can you use on VR lenses without using a microfiber cloth?

If you don’t have any microfiber cloths on hand, a fine, clean, soft fabric will work just fine for a quick and easy clean for VR Lenses. Silk, compressed air, and retractable brush are among the best microfiber alternatives; however, lint-free cloth or a cotton t-shirt may be a temporary solution.

Before you begin, double-check for any additional information that may be particular to your headset. Important cautions are listed on the official pages of Vive, Oculus, and Index. With that in mind, as a long-term solution, I would recommend purchasing a pack of microfiber lens cloths. However, when you’re in a pinch, know there are alternative solutions for VR lenses other than microfiber cloths.

Cleaning VR Lenses With Microfiber Cloth Alternatives

You’ve probably wondered how to clean VR lenses if you possess a VR headset. After playing your favourite VR games, it appears that no matter how careful you are, the lenses of the finest VR headset will ultimately end up marred with fingerprints, smudges, or fog. Something must be done at that moment because impaired eyesight has wrecked the entire experience.

You can rest assured as I walk you through the cleaning procedure, from the supplies you’ll need to the most delicate cleaning methods. Cleaning VR lenses is quite simple and takes only a few seconds, so there’s no excuse not to do it. As a result, here’s how to keep your VR lenses clean with items found around the house.

Using Clean, Fine Fabric For VR Lenses

It is critical to keep the lenses clean to extend their longevity. Investing in lens cleaning is one of the best things you can do for your lenses. Whether you have a whole kit or just some essential wipes (made explicitly for lenses), a little effort will ensure that they are crystal clear every time you play.

You may be wondering if using anything besides a microfiber cloth is safe – the truth is that you can, but there are risks involved if you are not careful. So, before we begin, ensure that you keep the following in mind.

  • The most vital thing to remember while working with a fabric like a cotton t-shirt, lint-free towel, or even a microfiber cloth is to ensure that they are clean before using it. If they are not clean, you may damage and scratch your VR lens. So finally, inspect the fabric you use to ensure no debris is on it or around the area you’ll be using to clean your lens.
  • Applying too much pressure while cleaning the lens may damage it. Patience and a soft, gentle touch are all that is required.
  • While cleaning your VR lenses, it is best to avoid using any abrasives or chemicals that contain alcohol. Likewise, water should be avoided, as too much water may damage the electronic components if you are not careful.

So, when it boils down to using something other than microfiber, the following are some excellent alternatives:
  • Silk fabric (Best microfiber alternative)

VR Lenses, other fine optical lenses, camera lenses, CDs, eyeglasses, and all those little displays on mobile phones and other digital gadgets are best cleaned with silk. It is because pure silk is by far the softest natural fabric and will not damage delicate surface materials.
Silk is known to keep lenses of all kinds in flawless condition. So, if you have anything made from silk (check the label found on the fabric to be sure), that would be your best bet.
  • A soft, Lint-free cloth

It’s also a good idea to use a lint-free cloth. First, make sure the fabric is completely dry. Dirt or dirt caught in a towel’s fibres might harm your lenses. In addition, any cooking oil, skin oil, or lotion on the towel will smear your lens, so make sure it’s spotless before using it.
  • Clean cotton t-shirt

Using a cotton t-shirt should be considered the last resort. You may be questioning if you could use the shirt you are wearing right now, but it is best to use a shirt that has recently been washed and is still in the closet instead.
Cotton fibres have been known to scratch glasses lenses; however, with a soft touch, it may be a temporary solution for your VR lenses to get back into gaming if there is no other solution. Again, when using a cotton shirt, the best approach would be to ensure that the shirt is clean and the cleaning process is as gently done as possible!
You don’t use liquids or chemical cleaners once you’ve chosen your Microfiber option since they can harm the headset and void your warranty. I recommend the MagicFiber Microfiber Cleaning Cloth ($8.99, Amazon) if you don’t have a dependable option. As a result, it’s advisable to hold your well-deserved VR gaming time until you obtain the necessary tool.
Tip: If anyone in the house wears glasses, you may ask if they have a microfiber cloth they could borrow you. Most prescription glasses come with a protective case containing spectacles and a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses. Just be sure to give it back to them!

How To Clean Your VR Lens With A Microfiber Alternative

Now that you have your trusty fabric in hand, it’s time to clean. Fortunately, the cleaning process is a lot more straightforward.
With a gentle hand, begin to wipe the lens in a circular motion, starting at the centre. First, wipe a tiny circle in the centre of the lens with your fabric. Then wipe in larger and larger circles until you reach the lens’ outer border. Next, you can wipe it in up and down motions and then side to side if there are any greasy marks. If necessary, repeat the practice two or three times more until the best results are met.
As a result, it is best to repeat the process rather than apply pressure. In addition, silk and microfiber fabric capture dirt better than most other fabrics. So, when using a lint-free towel or a t-shirt, you may also repeat the process with a different section of the fabric to better collect any dirt.

Best Tools To Use Clean Your VR Lens

There are many cleaning packages out there, but when it comes to how to clean a VR headset, you’ll want to be selective and look for particular substances – or absence thereof.
Again, I don’t recommend using alcohol-free antibacterial wipes and other alcohol-free antibacterial items. Furthermore, cleaning gels can slip into the gaps of your device’s exterior shell, potentially allowing the cleaning substance to soak through to the internal components. So, with that in mind, what are some of the best alternatives to fabrics?
  • Compressed or canned air

Canned air is better than brushes, towels, and solutions for cleaning lenses because it can be blown clean rapidly without pushing oil or dust into the lens components. An excellent example would be the Falcon Dust-Off ($1.99) on Amazon. In addition, this is the safest technique to clean any lens since it totally covers the glass and keeps anything from smudging it.
When cleaning a lens with hair on it, even the softest towel might scrape the lens as you press the hair into the lens. Finally, canned air is beneficial because dust specks can harm lenses when wiped away with a cloth. Blowing away the dust before wiping proves the smoothest results.
  • Retractable brush

Compressed air may be more efficient, but it is also more expensive. So instead, you use a retractable brush, such as the LensPens ($9.95 on Amazon), to remove any dust. Then you use a carbon cleaning tip to remove greases, smudges, fingerprints, and other contaminants after twisting the cap off the other end.
It’s immensely annoying when an intense VR experience is disrupted by a smudge or speck of dust on your optical lens. LensPen is a method for removing flaws off AR and VR headsets, rather than grabbing for whatever cloth is lying about and hoping for the best.


Depending on your requirements, there are a few lens cleaning alternatives. In addition, there is a choice for you whether you want to maintain the very minimum quality of your lenses or preserve them in flawless condition forever.
Keeping them in excellent condition is critical because your lenses cannot be readily replaced. So these methods are best suited as a temporary solution. Therefore, investing in a microfiber cloth will give you the best results over more extended periods.


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