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Perth VR Experience

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Immerse Yourself in Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality Adventures, Perfect for Social Entertainment and Unforgettable Events. We cater to groups of up to 48 people

Download Group VR Events Brochure
Download Group VR Events Brochure

Download Group VR Events Brochure

See pricing, food & drink options and find out how you can take your next group event into Virtual Reality and make it unforgettable!

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5 Games To Choose From

Come on Down to Ready Team One For Immersive Virtual Reality Adventures and Fun Activities

  • Tactical Response


    Uncover the horrifying truth Go Inside A Zombie Movie Investigate...

  • Tactical Response

    TR Apocalypse

    Survive a zombie outbreak during a counterterrorism mission. Fight off...

  • Tactical Response

    Tactical Response

    Engage in competitive team vs. team combat. Use strategy and...

  • Tactical Response

    First Contact

    Sci-Fi - Shooter with Puzzles Answer the call to defend...

Satisfy Your Appetite with Delicious Food and Drinks
Satisfy Your Appetite with Delicious Food and Drinks

Satisfy Your Appetite with Delicious Food and Drinks

Enjoy a full night out with our mouth-watering food and drink options. Choose from a variety of pizzas, snacks, and refreshing beverages to complement your VR gaming experience. Book now and make your visit to Ready Team One a complete entertainment adventure.

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Questions answered...

Private events are Ready Team Ones speciality. If you don’t see the answer to your question please fill the contact form below and connect with our friendly team.


  • Do I need to be a Gamer to Play?

    No you definitely don’t need to be. Our VR experiences are designed for non-gamers to understand. We do however have more advanced experiences which we recommend to play after playing our beginner level experiences.

  • How many players can play at once? Are we in the same game?

    We can host up to 6 players in any one game and 12 people across 2 arenas simultaneously. Our multiplayer games are designed to offer a social VR experience so the more people you bring, the better!

  • What clothes do I need to wear?

    Our free-roam VR sessions are active experiences so we recommend flat shoes and comfortable clothing. Long dresses and skirts are not suitable as they can interfere with the leg tracking equipment. Please don’t wear heavy make up as the positioning of the head gear will cause it to smudge and run, causing unnecessary wear and tear of our tech.

  • Can I wear glasses?

    Most glasses are not an issue with our equipment unless your frames are unusually large. We will need to assess your glasses when you arrive so please bring contact lenses just in case.

  • Refund & Cancellation policy

    You have up to two weeks before your booking to request a refund. If you wish to cancel or reschedule with less than one week’s notice, we will provide you with a gift card to the value of your original booking. Gift cards issued for bookings cancelled the day of or day prior to your session will be at our discretion as it will depend on staff resourcing.

    Please note that we do not issue refunds for change of mind or gift vouchers. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve any concerns.

  • Conditions of play

    Due to safety reasons, players with the following conditions will not be allowed to play:

    • Under the age of 13
    • Under the influence of alcohol or drugs (you will not receive a refund or credit in this instance)
    • Photosensitivity including epilepsy and other seizure disorders due to bright flashing lights
    • Heart conditions in case of shock
    • Deafness (as our games heavily depend on in-game audio)

    Our experiences are not recommended for anyone with the following medical conditions or impairments:

    • Heavily pregnant (should you choose to play, you accept all risks)
    • Hearing impaired
    • Broken arms, legs or wheelchair users (our venue does not have a lift and for structural reasons, we are sadly unable to install one)

    If your actions put yourself or others at risk during the game, our staff have the right to remove you from the arena. No refunds or gift cards will be issued in such circumstances.