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Celebrate Your Special Day with Immersive Virtual Reality Adventures and Fun Activities

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A unique VR Birthday Party Experience

Make your birthday unforgettable with Ready Team One’s VR parties. Enjoy thrilling games, immersive adventures, and endless fun. Perfect for all ages, our VR experiences create lasting memories for your special day. Book your VR birthday party now!

    VR Fun for Everyone

    Unforgettable Birthday Parties

    Celebrate your special day in the most exciting way possible – in virtual reality! Ready Team One is the ultimate destination for birthday parties, giving your guests an immersive, thrilling experience that will leave them talking for months.

    Our state-of-the-art VR technology transports you and your guests into thrilling virtual worlds where you can battle aliens, survive zombie apocalypses, and compete in exciting family-friendly challenges.

    Our parties are designed for all ages, ensuring everyone has an unforgettable time. With customisable game options and dedicated party packages, we make it easy to plan the perfect event. Enjoy exclusive access to the entire venue, delicious food platters and drinks to complete your celebration. Book your unforgettable VR birthday party today!

    Download Private Events Brochure
    Download Private Events Brochure

    Download Private Events Brochure

    See pricing, catering, drinks options and find out how you can take your birthday party into Virtual Reality and make it unforgettable!

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    5 Games To Choose From

    Come on Down to Ready Team One For Immersive Virtual Reality Adventures and Fun Activities

    • Tactical Response


      Uncover the horrifying truth Go Inside A Zombie Movie Investigate...

    • Tactical Response

      TR Apocalypse

      Survive a zombie outbreak during a counterterrorism mission. Fight off...

    • Tactical Response

      Tactical Response

      Engage in competitive team vs. team combat. Use strategy and...

    • Tactical Response

      First Contact

      Sci-Fi - Shooter with Puzzles Answer the call to defend...

    Complete The Party with Delicious Food and Drinks
    Complete The Party with Delicious Food and Drinks

    Complete The Party with Delicious Food and Drinks

    Add mouth-watering catering platters and gourmet pizzas to your booking, along with refreshing beverages both alcoholic & non-alcoholic to complement your VR gaming experience. Book your complete birthday event today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    • Can we host a private VR birthday party at Ready Team One?

      Yes, Ready Team One offers private VR birthday party packages. Enjoy exclusive access to our VR arenas and celebrate with thrilling games and activities tailored for all ages.

    • What types of VR games are available for birthday parties?

      Our VR game options include exciting adventures such as alien invasions, zombie survival, and team-based challenges. Each game is designed to provide fun and immersive experiences for birthday celebrations.

    • Do you offer food and drink options for birthday parties?

      Absolutely! Ready Team One provides a variety of delicious food and drink options, including pizzas, snacks, and beverages, to complement your VR gaming experience and make your birthday party complete.

    • How far in advance should we book a VR birthday party at Ready Team One?

      We recommend booking your VR birthday party at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your preferred date and ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all your guests.

    • Can I bring a cake and sing Happy Birthday?

      Absolutely 🙂 However that might have to be done after the event, but if there is booking right after your event it may have to occur in the outside BBQ area. Contact us via email to make the arrangements to book the desired area for after the game.

    • If some people in the group are under 13 can they still play?

      If 3rd Generational hardware is available upon time of booking then yes, players 8 years and older can play. If the group is larger than 6 players than I’m afraid only players older than 13 years old will be able to play (as presently only 1st generational hardware will accomodate groups larger than six players). Contact us via email to see what we can arrange for you.