Who We Are

Founded by three mates from Perth, Ready Team One is an Australian-based virtual reality development company dedicated to transforming the way the world games by turning virtual reality into a fully immersive social experience.

Mission: to blow the minds of a million players – as they team up to have fun together and adventure through virtual worlds.

RTO has been featured on various national press and TV series including The Amazing Race, The West Australian, Business News, Channel 10 News, Chanel 7 Today Tonight, Channel 9 News, Scitech, Urban List, So Perth, Secret Perth, Natchats, Perth is OK.

The RTO Opportunity


Licensees charge a standard $66/hr per person for a standard game experience. This includes approx 40 minute game time with the rest being tutorial, suit up and suit down. The industry standard for VR experiences of this type is around $2 per minute of in game time. RTO’s free-roam system can support up to 12 players in game at a time, offering the potential to generate up to $780/hr, excluding other package add-ons.


RTO has designed it’s Arena configuration to be modular for up to 12 players. The 200m2 arena is split in half, with 6 players in each 10x10m half. The two halves can be combined into 1 game (for example a 6 vs 6 PvP match), or two separate games with one game master looking after each half. RTO has developed a unique “pivot” system that allows players to explore an unlimited game space despite being confined within a 10m x 10m half, by continually rotating their game map relative to their physical game at the press of a button.


Full Body and Finger Tracking VR System: RTO’s Secret Sauce

Gen 1

Each player is kitted with a VR headset, weapon controller, backpack, body trackers around the ankles and wrists that enables full body and finger motion tracking. RTO has developed an integrated full body hardware system using off the shelf components that includes the use of:

  • High resolution Head Mounted Displays (HMD) by HTC Vive Pro
  • Full body tracking system via Steam VR Base Station 2.0
  • Finger tracking using Leap Motion
  • HP-Z backpack PCs with RTX 2080 GPUs
  • PP gun weapon controllers to register trigger presses and game control buttons.


Gen 2

RTO is in the final stages of completing the development of a next generation system that utilises wireless streaming to the player. This will enable superior graphical fidelity (allowing use of the latest generation graphics cards technology) and greatly improve battery life. It also modularizes and future proofs the system, making it easier to scale to its licensees globally.


Check the Stats

800 +
Plays per month
3 +
Locations & Counting
4.9 /5
Ave. Review Rating
400 k AUD
Exp. Revenue After 2yrs

The Team

Founded by three mates from Perth, Ready Team One is an Australian-based virtual reality development company dedicated to creating mind-blowing VR experiences. Our goal is to redefine social entertainment on a global scale through our unique Hollywood-style tracking technology and internationally award-winning VR games.

vr gaming in perth - ready team one

Chris Cheng
Co-Founder | Technical

James Tang
Co-Founder | Commercial

Scott Whiteley

Growth & Support

The Tech

We are constantly looking to improve the software and hardware foundation of our VR experiences. With the recent development of our Gen 2 system we expect to lower licensee setup costs, improve graphics and processing capabilities, increase system reliability and longevity all while reducing ongoing maintenance requirements.

The Experience

With a fully capable and award winning VR game development team we are constantly rolling out brand new VR experiences each year and iterating based on customer and licensee feedback. Each game leveraging our unique Full Body and Finger Tracking technology that differentiates our VR experiences from at home VR experiences. This ensures we are able to continually re-engage customers.

The System

Operating from our premier Perth arena, we have already established the systems and frameworks to launch and grow each new location. This includes reliable booking systems, process manuals and a huge library of effective marketing strategies and assets for each licensee.


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