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Cheap VR headsets have their limits, but it’s a brilliant way to see whether it’s something you’d be interested in before shelling out hundreds of dollars. However, even though the technology has been more widely available and affordable in recent years, finding cheap standalone VR headset offers isn’t always straightforward. That said, what are some of the best budget standalone VR headsets available?
The following are 5 of the best cheap VR headsets available today:
  1. Oculus Quest 2 – Best Overall Standalone VR Headset
  2. Oculus Quest – Runner Up
  3. RtTech V8 VR – Best Budget Standalone VR Headset
  4. Oculus Go – Best Budget In The Oculus Range
  5. Pico Goblin VR – Best Budget For Creativity

Compared to tethered (wired) PC, console, and smartphone VR headsets, there are even fewer untethered standalone VR headsets available in the developing virtual reality industry. However, finding the best standalone VR headset at a low price is not the most straightforward task if you don’t know what you are looking for. That said, let’s look at what makes this list worth the bucks.

5 Of The Best Cheap Standalone VR Headset

Standalone VR headsets are becoming increasingly popular. For example, Oculus (now known as Meta on Facebook) has halted the production of any tethered headsets and exclusively focuses on Quest, standalone VR headsets.

However, each VR headset has a unique feature that sets it apart. Some will be ideal for creatives, while others will be beneficial if you’re travelling on a lengthy vacation and need something to do. However, the idea here is to figure out which works best for you.

So, starting with what could be the best VR headset currently today: Oculus Quest 2, here’s what values these standalone headsets bring to you and your budget.

1. Oculus Quest 2 – Best Overall Standalone VR Headset

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In terms of accessibility, Oculus Quest 2 is one of the best VR headsets available today. There’s some serious power beneath the hood without paying enthusiast pricing – and you don’t even need a turbo-charged gaming PC to get the most out of it.

In addition, the all-in-one headset is fully wire-free (though it is possible to plug it into a gaming PC for some games) and provides an unparalleled experience for the price.

Since its release, the Quest 2 has been tremendously popular; the stock has flown off the shelves, and it has been impossible to get a brand new one for a long time. However, things have calmed down considerably since the end of last year.

You won’t find it cheap because there are seldom any discounts outside of major sales events, but you can at least obtain a reasonable price. To make sure you don’t miss any upcoming Oculus Quest 2 discounts, keep an eye on our hub.

The Oculus Quest 2 is a masterpiece in incremental improvements over the Oculus Quest (the runner-up). It has a sleeker appearance, higher display quality, a refresh rate of 120Hz in select games and apps, and quicker overall performance.

And it accomplishes it all with no wires once again, but you can connect it to a PC through the Oculus Link connection and play full-fat PCVR games. With a starting price of  $299 on the Oculus website, it is probably one of the most economical yet high-quality ways to enter the world of virtual reality experiences.

Furthermore, the Oculus Store’s suite of applications and games may make the Quest 2 a terrific headgear for all types of VR experiences, even assisting with your workout and rescuing you from a boring fitness programme.

2. Oculus Quest – Runner Up

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The RtTech VR is the cheapest standalone VR headset on the list. The RtTech VR headset includes a 5.5-inch, full-HD 1080 screen that makes watching YouTube, Netflix, and playing games more enjoyable. Bluetooth controllers may also be used to increase immersion and control. Even better, you may add two to three years of coverage at a modest cost.

Furthermore, the RtTech VR Glasses provide pupil distance adjustments with a wide FOV to broaden the viewing angle and exactly match focus distance while protecting your eyes. The eye-protected glasses with exceptional clarity will make watching VR movies an unforgettable experience.

However, at such a low price, there are a few drawbacks. Firstly, the quality of the graphics is not as great as the rest of the options on this list. Finally, some users find that the RtTech V8 is not as comfortable compared to other VR headsets. That said, it is still a good VR headset to introduce to youngsters interested in the VR experience that does not require you to break the bank.

4. Oculus Go – Best Budget In The Oculus Range

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The Oculus Go’s 64GB capacity allows you to save up to 7 HD movies, 20 games, and 40 applications to take with you wherever you go, which is very useful on lengthy excursions. The headset features a 5.5-inch fast-switching LCD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (1280 1440 pixels per eye) in an RGB-stripe subpixel layout.

The headset features a horizontal pixel density of 12.67 pixels per degree and a field of vision of around 101 degrees. Also, glasses wearers need not fear; the Oculus Go is frame-compatible.

Because the Oculus Go is likely still one of the most well-known examples of standalone VR, it is credited with improving VR’s prominence in the mass market. In addition, the HMD is relatively simple to use, and the plug-and-play setup is suitable for both novice and expert users.

The Oculus Go gives accessible VR of extremely high quality at this price range. However, like the original Quest, Oculus does not supply the Go, and it can only be purchased from stores that still stock them throughout the world.

5. Pico Goblin VR – Best Budget For Creativity

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Last but not least, we have the Pico Goblin VR, which is known for its creative but limited software. The Pico Goblin has over 70 games to choose from and a beautiful display with a resolution of 2560×1440 that will make your virtual world appear fantastic.

The Pico Goblin also allows you to be creative with the Sandbox channel, where you can share your creations (such as video games, videos, and other media) with other users worldwide. Those looking to view Netflix or YouTube, on the other hand, will be disappointed because these services are not available on this device.

Even though the Pico Goblin is a fantastic entry-level VR standalone headset with a sharp display and mobility. However, the limited features are likely to put off most potential consumers.

With the swift advancement of virtual reality technology and the consequent emergence of arguably more comprehensive and price-competitive untethered VR devices, the Pico Goblin is facing tough competition and may become obsolete shortly. However, individual users seeking their first VR journey may still get it at a reasonable price.


The Oculus Quest 2 is a no-brainer for most gamers looking for a cheap VR headset; it has even made it to the top of many lists as the best standalone VR headset in 2022. However, if you are looking for a budget VR headset that does not have to be too advanced, the RtTech V8 VR headset will tick many boxes.


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