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Founded by three mates from Perth, Ready Team One is an Australian-based virtual reality development company dedicated to transforming the way the world games by turning virtual reality into a fully immersive social experience.

Mission: to blow the minds of a million players – as they team up to have fun together and adventure through virtual worlds.

RTO has been featured on various national press and TV series including The Amazing Race, The West Australian, Business News, Channel 10 News, Chanel 7 Today Tonight, Channel 9 News, Scitech, Urban List, So Perth, Secret Perth, Natchats, Perth is OK.

Tactical Response: Outbreak

Following the strong reception of our first zombie shooter, and by request of our players, we knew we HAD to make another. This time it will be bigger, bader and feature a more detailed plot and an exhilarating final boss fight. New guns – shotgun. Final Helicopter sequence. More enemies and mini bosses. Hallucination mechanics to confuse players and turn them on each other.

The mission: Tactical Units are dropped into the city and tasked to investigate the disappearance of the local population. Equipped with bio-gas monitors, players embark on a mission to find and eliminate the source of the threat and escape with their lives intact.

Rediscovering HMAS AE1

Hidden in the territorial waters of Papua New Guinea lies the answer to one of Australia’s greatest maritime mysteries. The HMAS AE1 and its 32 sailors disappeared without a trace 107 years ago; their stories lost forever; or so thought. In 2017, researchers discovered the wreck off the coast of the Duke of York Islands, actively suffering corrosion and predicted to undergo major structural collapse in the next 5 to 12 years. To save this missing piece of Australian history, the remains of Australia’s first E-class submarine were digitally surveyed and documented; the footage now being used to create an immersive VR documentary experience to be shared with all Western Australians. For the first time, people can step inside one of Australia’s greatest maritime secrets, harnessing Ready Team One’s unique full body and finger tracking VR technology and become part of the story that was once thought lost.

With the aim of preserving this wartime narrative for future generations, this project is a powerful collaboration between Ready Team One and the Western Australian Museum and Curtin University and Screenwest to create an educational group experience that uncovers Australia’s historical truths and shares the stories of the brave sailors who lost their lives defending this country in World War I.

Eldritch Manor

Introducing “The Eldritch Manor” – a spine-chilling multiplayer VR game that will keep you on the edge of your seat! As a group of players, you’ll explore a house filled with supernatural terrors and uncover the horrifying secrets of a crazed medical doctor obsessed with immortality. But when his unethical practices lead to the creation of a monstrous chimera, you’ll have to face your fears and fight to survive.

Players explore their environment, interact with objects, and uncover clues that reveal the doctor’s descent into madness. But as you progress, the house becomes darker, the doors become locked, and the lurking horrors are awoken. Will you be brave enough to face the terror and stop it before it’s too late? Are you ready to enter the house of horrors? Play “Chimera Experiment 26” and find out.

This will be RTO’s first game developed on the new Unreal Engine 5 and feature many next gen fidelity upgrades that blur the lines between game and reality.


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