Can You Wear Contacts In VR?

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Many users will be introduced to the exciting world of virtual reality for the first time with the release of various VR headsets and be blown away by the immersion. Nevertheless, those of us with visual difficulties who wear visual gear other than VR headsets, such as glasses or prescription lenses, may pose a similar question: is it safe to wear contacts while utilizing your VR?
Users who require prescription lenses can use contacts with their VR system to improve their VR experience. However, since you will be gazing at close-range displays for extended periods, your lenses may dry up faster than usual, creating risks like straining and perhaps injuring your eye.
Fortunately, there is a solution for several VR headsets, such as getting prescription lenses, that benefits users that use contacts or glasses. There’s something for everyone, whether the problem might be sweat, drying out lenses, or even the lack of 20/20 vision; getting the correct prescription lenses may be the answer. As a result, this is what you need to know.
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Is VR Compatible With Contacts?

VR headsets are becoming more prevalent in homes and workplaces, whether for gaming, fitness, media consumption, social networking, or even therapeutic purposes. We may glimpse virtual worlds and incredible landscapes as if we were there by strapping them on. But what about those of us who struggle merely to perceive the actual world, let alone virtual ones?
Overall, wearing contact lenses is considered to be a solution for many. Even though contact lenses typically dry out from everyday use, they are known to dry out faster when users are actively engaging with a VR. However, even though many may benefit from contact lenses, few cannot or prefer not to wear them.
Fortunately, numerous companies have stepped in to help individuals in this scenario, offering prescription lenses that can be fitted directly into popular VR headsets, eliminating the need for spectacles or contacts by assisting the headset itself to correct your vision. So, let’s look at who they are, what they can offer, and which headsets are supported.

Where To Get Prescription Inserts?

Unfortunately, the bad news is that you won’t be able to order a pair of headset inserts from your local eyewear store. Nonetheless, the good news is that some online retailers of prescription lens inserts have risen to the top of this still-developing product sector. As a result, the following are two of the best online sites.

VR Lens Lab


VR Lens Lab is an online store offering one of the most comprehensive collections of compatible headset models, including a platform-agnostic frame meant to be worn by the user within the limits of a VR headset. VR Lens Lab supports the following VR headsets:

Depending on the lenses you want, you may anticipate paying between $50 and $90 (US Dollars). In addition, VR Lens Lab partners with VR Cover, a prominent VR headset accessory manufacturer. Finally, VR Lens Lab also supplies video tutorials explaining simple steps to installing their lens inserts for various VR headsets.

(image) is an online eyewear store teamed up with Meta to be the official VR prescription lens distributor for the Oculus/Meta Quest range. As a result, this implies that they exclusively sell lenses for those specific models and the typical price range is about $80 (US Dollars) for prescription inserts.
However, Meta’s approval almost assures that its “VirtuClear” lens inserts will fit perfectly in Meta and Oculus-branded headsets.
Finally, The Oculus QuestQuest 2Go, and Rift S all have slots for prescription lens inserts, which, once inserted, allow the user to use the headset with their own prescription lenses without the need for glasses frames. Many people prefer to use an Oculus headset without glasses since it provides the most comfort and is the ultimate solution for those who prefer not to use contact lenses.

How Do Perscription Lenses Work?

VR prescription lenses are meant to be fixed to the headset, lying between your eyes and the head-mounted display’s original lenses, rather than resting loosely on your face. It allows them to correct your eyesight while staying firmly in position within the narrow space between your eyes and the headset.
Any headset shaking will not cause a lens collision because of their sturdy mounting. In addition, because of their semi-permanent presence in your headset, you may always use it with confidence, with no extra adjustments required.
Attachable lens adapters are a popular choice among many people since, unlike contacts, they are a one-time purchase that allows you to experiment with the sensation of having perfect 20/20 vision. In addition, these adapters are reasonably priced, simple to install, and have few downsides.
The twin layers of these lenses can cause a halo appearance in high contrast surroundings, which may be the only drawback to the adapters.
Various users seldom notice it when playing in a 360-degree environment, but it’s pronounced on title screens and when watching anything with a black border, such as Amazon movies. However, some users believe it is a reasonable trade-off for ease and comfort, but this may be a deal-breaker for others.

Will You Need To See A Specialist?

Whether or not you need to see a doctor or specialist depends on whether you have a valid prescription for eyeglasses. If you do, VR Lens Lab will allow you to manually enter the different parameters from your prescription when placing your order. These will be utilized to create a custom-made pair of lenses to correct each eye’s vision.
Only asks for a copy of your current, valid prescription. You’ll need a prescription written within the past one to two years. Of course, entering the information yourself on the other sites mentioned above gives you greater freedom to use older prescriptions.
However, if your prescription has changed since an out-of-date prescription was provided, you may be getting a sub-optimal lens.
If you’ve never worn glasses before or your existing prescription has expired, you’ll need a new eye test to get a new, legal prescription. As a result, this will guarantee that measurements such as sphere, cylinder, axis, add, and pupillary distance are all up to date and accurate for use on the retailer’s order page.
Finally, something to remember is that the lenses will need to be updated when your prescription changes, much like glasses, but if your prescription only changes every few years, the minor investment will be well worth it.


Many people who only use corrective lenses regularly can choose for contacts instead of adding a pair of corrective lenses to their VR headsets. However, prescription lenses for VR headsets are a near-vital component of any entertaining, comfortable VR experience if you want to avoid short-term pain and irritation of dry contacts.


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