January 1, 2018


Defence is a sector where innovative free-roam VR technology can play a key role – particularly in the form of training and simulation. Training in a simulated environment can prepare personnel for operational situations that cannot be safely or cost-effectively replicated in the real world and can be targeted to improve teamwork, communication, stress management and psychology, and combat effectiveness. 

Training performance data and biometric data can be recorded for post-training analysis and feedback. Multiple training sites and existing Defence training simulators can be connected online to provide integrated training across a number of teams.

In addition to access to our facility, we are able to provide turn-key training solutions and content development services. We have a development team capable of rapidly creating customised training for specific scenarios using a combination of customer-provided models and data, photogrammetry, and/or geospatial data on demand.

We have extensive experience in the Defence sector and are familiar with Defence’s technical and security requirements.

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