The Next Frontier In Gaming

Science fiction is now a reality with our exclusive gaming and VR technology. Experience unparalleled immersion in our 200 sqm free-roam arenas with Hollywood-style body tracking and an internationally award-winning selection of VR games.

Step Inside the Game

How it Works

Step into the arena, become one with your avatar, and explore our virtual worlds with your team. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to VR or a seasoned competitive gamer, our Game Masters are here to guide you through the experience.

1. Mission Brief
Every session begins with a mission briefing, safety & training induction.
2. Suit-Up
Our Game Masters then guide you through the suit-up process and ready you for battle.
3. Sync Avatar
Sync with your avatar and step inside the virtual world alongside your team. It's time to begin your mission.

A Social VR Experience

You and your teammates are immersed into a virtual world where you will work together to complete mission objectives. 

Total Immersion
Full Body and Finger Tracking
2x 100 Sqm.
Perth's Largest Free-Roam Arena
Social Gaming
Up to 12 Players Per VR Session
1 hr Sessions
Action-Packed VR Gaming
900 +
Plays per month
2 +
Locations & Counting
4.9 /5
Ave. Review Rating
“Absolutely awesome experience! Especially as we are not gamers in any way. Fun for everyone!”
Charley B
This is Virtual Reality on Steroids
Amber J, Channel 7 Today Tonight
I've got a VR setup at home, but, having 4 team mates physically in the same room as you adds a new layer to the experience.